DotA 6.75 Beta is leaked! It’s been a while since we got a DotA Beta map leaked, but here you go, a DotA 6.75 Beta Map! It’s up to you to judge whether the map is legit or not. But looking on how the leaked changelogs and the map is supporting each other, i think it’s not a fake. One thing to notice that in this map the Roshan’s location got moved as in the picture below. This change is made because the Scourge get slight advantage from the original Roshan position.

As a result from the new Roshan place, the Ancient also moved to this place, near the secret shop.

Other changes are the modified Phoenix’s skill. Icarus Dive replaced with Overheat.

Can’t wait to try the map? Here is the download link!

DotA 6.75 Beta Download Link
Temporary pulled down the map due to some external circumstance, try to find it yourself in the internet 🙂

And if you care for the changelogs, here you go! Rumors said that the current Beta is already reach around Beta 39 (can anybody confirm this?). Please note that the leaked map is Beta 5, so we cannot check the Frost Wyrm because he is in the Beta 18 😦