Finally, after so many hints in the hidden material updates, Slark came out on this patch! Slark is an agility hero which even tough fragile, have some unique skill sets. He is a ward detector as well as the only hero that can attack while remain invisible. This patch also introduce the chatwheel which allow us to communicate with our team mates more easily. Check out the full changelogs below:

– Added a chatwheel for quick, localized communication with teammates!
– You can now reset your keys to a number of predefined keyboard templates!
– Tournament Drops are now enabled for all leagues
– Zombies no longer spawn other zombies from a stolen Tombstone
– Added a form for soliciting new chatwheel options.
– Added hotkeys for each of the chatwheel messages.
– Added world heatmap for seeing where players are located.
– Abilities and items bound to alt-combinations now display as such.
– Added option to smoothdrag when spectating or viewing replays
– Added option to invert middle-mouse camera grip
– Fixed Nightstalker losing his wings at night.